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Garden Of The Gods Morning Light

January 7th, 2022

Garden Of The Gods Morning Light

Travel Photography Tips
Some say that it's not worth getting up early and driving to your destination for landscape photography...maybe it's not but the peace and quiet sure are!

On my summer trip out to Colorado this year I couldn't wait to explore the rugged landscape in Garden of The Gods. Little did I know that the crowds would be ridiculous! My wife and I started in the afternoon for a little exploration, knowing it wouldn't be a great time to shoot I just brought my small camera. A few interesting shots with tourists but nothing too exciting.
As always I figured the evening would make for better images with far fewer crowds. We went back out after dinner only to find loads of backed up traffic at a standstill. By the time we finally got to an overlook for sunset we barely found a parking spot. As soon as we got out we smelled something funky...skunk? Nahh it's legal here..but there must have been 20 kids out smoking blaring music. Talk about a buzzkill for quiet photography moments...

Landscape Photography In Colorado
So back to the point of this story the EARLY MORNING HOURS are by farrr the best time to visit this magical place. We got up while it was still dark and made our way to some amazing overlooks and even had a whole hike to ourselves. The beautiful morning light and peaceful moments were an inspiration. Armed with my tripod, camera, and a dedication to get a few good shots came in handy:)

You will not regret packing up the car early and hiking for these killer views in Colorado Springs!
Garden Of The Gods Landscape

Garden of The Gods....definitely worth the visit.- PERKINS CENTRAL GARDEN TRAIL
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